Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Very Big Thank You and Some Recognition At Last

I need to pause in my writing for just one very quick moment between this year and the next to say some very big thank yous.

First of all I need to express how grateful I am to several people both in and outside my story for reading it, continuing to read it and for enjoying it enough to keep me motivated to keep writing it.

I am sure all of you have seen the new change to the top of the page and that, my friends is all thanks to Zieg over at, I encourage all of you to look at his beautiful images, and while you are there to also look at Zhoul's, Londonrain's and the newest addition to the family of graphicdesign artists, Oz. They hide in the Creative Corner and really, someone out there ought to ask them out to dance in a big way because their art deserves to be seen.

I also want to extend a very big thank you to my boyfriend, Aalairius.  For having the paitience to let me write, and for being absolutely graceful about Sirona's character relationships with other people.  Some people it's an issue, but with him, he's so amazing that he reads my stuff and likes it, and only moderately QQ's when his character isn't in it, but only in good fun.

Aalairius is responsible for the original banner when the blog first went up, the one you have all been used to seeing, and he did it for me despite my own QQing and making him go back and tweak it several times to get the lettering juuuuuuust right.  When he has the time, and the adventure he has done some of the images for some of the posts as well... So thank you baby, with every part of my being, thank you for being there for me and with me through my bad moods and crazy family, and the added insanity that is this story.

So lastly, a huge thank you to all of my in-game friends , especially (again) Aalairius, Toxemia, Elethor, Kuraia, Evensong and Haji for dropping everything, as often as you do to run your character half way across Atreia for the pretty screenies that go into each part of My Sirona.

The best is yet to come, because I never seem to run out of ideas, so keep reading, and have a safe and happy New Year, there will be more of My Sirona after the new year and probably one or two more parts before 2010 hits, so stay tuned... or don't, but please come back and catch up!

I really do love you guys,



  1. Good job Sirona! Your blog-story is fantastic! I hope we get to see Elethor and your Asmo friends again too, as an Asmo, I'm coming at this from the other side of the Abyss (and I always see Elethor on LFG - lol!)

    By Aion's Light,


  2. Always a faithful reader, you have my shadowed support and appreciation :)