Thursday, December 17, 2009


            The water was warm and soothing to me.  Here in the bath house it was dimly lit, we were in a private room which was expensive but given my beloved’s connections I knew that for him, it was a trifling thing. I suppose that aside from being here that the lighting adjustment was also Aalairius’ doing. I had returned from the dark of Asmodae and though gone for just a scant eight days my eyes had grown accustomed to the perpetual night and I now found myself to be sensitive to the bright of Elysea.  Of course, Daeva’s were known to adapt quickly, so I was sure it would not be a permanent hindrance.    

            He held me in his lap as we lazed in hot water up to my neck, my head resting on his chest; he trailed fingertips up and down my spine light enough to make me shudder.  He laughed a little, the sound making me start, sending the water lapping against the pool’s edge.

            “What’s so funny?” I asked, even though I all ready knew the answer.

            “The reactions I get out of you.” He answered predictably.  I cuddled closer to him, though in the heat of the pool, it wasn’t for warmth.  I had missed him terribly.  I kissed the side of his neck softly and breathed him in.  He always smelled vaguely of the forge, of light and stone, metal and heat. His breath escaped him in a shuddering sigh and his hand rose out of the pool, and with gentle, yet calloused fingers he tipped my chin to look up at him.

            “I love you.” He whispered, and claimed my lips with his own before I could utter a reply.  The kiss was soft, and almost chaste, but I desired more than chaste.  I flicked my tongue across his lower lip, a quick teasing caress, and he groaned deeply, his arms locking around my body drawing me against him as our kiss deepened.  He broke first, drawing back gasping as I maneuvered beneath the waterline so that instead of sitting sideways across his lap on the low I had a knee to either side of his hips.  He always had to slouch low in the bath houses, his towering height a disadvantage when trying to soak any aches or muscle strains away and I used his decided disadvantage to my benefit now by slipping my lower legs around his back.  I wound my arms about his neck and kissed him again, twining my body around his in the heated waters melding our bodies as closely together as possible.  He had one muscled arm around my lower back drawing me near and supporting me, while the other rested against my upper back, his fingers massaging my neck and trailing in a tingling wash across my skin.

            I shivered under his touch and he smiled against my mouth laughing under his breath.  I drew back to look him in the eyes and what I saw was so much warmth, love and devotion it made my throat close and it was suddenly hard to breathe for a moment.  I smiled at him and let my love for him fill my eyes and we kissed again, the meeting of lips finally giving way to more intimate touching that made my blood sing, and my heart soar.

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