Friday, March 19, 2010

Thirty Eight

       Sin considered me for long unhappy moments, her gaze steady and unsettling, but I remained firm in my position. I held very still in my seat, refusing to fidget, despite an extreme desire to do so when finally she spoke, causing me to jump slightly. I cursed myself silently.

       “We’re sorry to see you go, but if it is really what you want or what you think would be best given the circumstances then I can hardly say no.” she was saying. I inclined my head carefully to hide the tears that welled in my eyes.

       “I’ve done enough damage to him, he needs something steady and I would not take his Legion away from him in addition to what I all ready have. So yes, it is my wish to leave Destiny, I will find something else Sin I just don’t want to hurt him anymore.” The tears won out and slipped free and Sin’s shoulders sank.

       “Sirona, I don’t know what happened with you two. Neither one of you are talking, but Elysea needs a Cleric of your ability out there so I am granting your discharge from Destiny but I urge you to find a Legion that can put you to use.” She signed the papers I brought before her and handed them to me with a murmured “For Elysea, and good luck to you.”

       I took my papers and fled the Legion office for Ailsie’s home; my head lowered thinking furiously on the last few days. Ailsie had taken me in with no further word on the subject, showing me to her guest room and closing the door softly on my sobs. The next morning I sat at her dining table as she set breakfast before me and stared in dejected silence at the glossy wood of her table. She had retreated to a knock on her door and escorted Toxemia into the room silently where she took a seat across from me and he took the one beside me.

       “Oh hi.” He said and bumped his shoulder against mine. I looked at him and the tears started immediately, hot and shameful on my skin.

         “How is he?” I asked.

        “Sleeping it off I suppose, he got pretty drunk, found me at the tavern last night in a rage talking some nonsense about you… well yeah.” He tipped my face into the light from the galley window and inspected the deep purple bruise and cut where Aalairius had struck me. “You should heal that.” He said.

        “You’re not angry?” I asked.

        “I didn't say that. In fact I'm not gonna lie, I’m pretty pissed. You hurt my friend, a lot… and that isn’t cool.” He sighed as I bowed my head and the sobs started again. Ailsie set down her glass and gave him a harsh look.

       “If you’re going to come in here just to give her…” she started but Tox cut her off.

        “Silence woman! I’m not done.” He tugged on his jerkin and turned back to me. “As I was saying, you hurt my friend and I’m not cool with that, but you’re my friend too and it’s pretty obvious he hurt you too… so yeah, I don’t know what to think or do or whatever.”

        I wiped at my eyes with a handkerchief and sighed before saying “Just promise me you’ll take care of him.” Toxemia hugged me in an awkward sideways motion and shook his head his eyes far away in thought.

       “I’ll try, but honestly who is gonna take care of you?” he searched my face and I smiled weakly at him.

       “I’ll take care of me somehow.” I said and he nodded.

       “Then for fucks sakes heal your face.” He said with mock sternness and I laughed a little and shook my head.

       “I deserved it. It’ll heal on its own.” I had told him, and that had been the end of the discussion on that. Now, several days later the bruise was fading to that garish yellow green sickly color that all healing bruises have and I was walking, shoulders hunched and stiff back to Ailsie’s, newly Legion less and feeling sorry for myself. I was comfortable again, in my chain and the metal links chimed softly with my movements, a reassuring sound. I would take some odd jobs and do the simple task here and there for a while, I had decided. It would give me time to supplement my kinah and with any luck an opportunity would present its self. As I neared Elyos Square I noticed it was becoming harder to get through and my reverie snapped and I was thrust back out of my thoughts and into the thickening crowd around me…

       What the bloody blue blazes… I thought to myself, and then I saw what the gathering humans and Daeva were watching. It was a young Daeva on an over turned crate. He stood tall, a bow on his back and his hair sweeping into his eyes, that blazed with such intensity and as I neared I could hear what it was he was shouting. He was angry, and said he was the leader of the Legion, Seven Stars over Sanctum. He was very charismatic and beguiling and mostly went on about the evil lurking above or some such. At first I thought he meant the Abyss but as I stopped to listen I realized he spoke of Asmodae. His deep blue eyes blazed with a fierce hatred and anger and I soon realized his cries were a rallying call to arms, but not to battle… He spoke of a place in Asmodae where the Legion houses were, and how through untold hardships and trials his scouting had unearthed the habits of these Legions, when they slept, when they ate…

       More and more Daeva’s gathered in the square and my chest filled with a cold dread as I heard their shouts of agreement. He intended to lead them in an assault against these houses, but not in a militaristic fashion… he intended to do murder. To slip in stealthy with as many as could be found, to ‘wipe out the creatures’ in the surrounding villages… he not only intended to end Daeva’s he intended to kill the humans of Asmodae, the very humans Aion created us to protect…

      I had to warn them.

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