Monday, November 23, 2009


            Aalairius is a good man, a savior in battle, fierce and strong. He is also an unparalleled lover, gentle and attentive behind closed doors. I have seen him face an entire Asmodian Legion with no fear at his impending defeat, and fight to the last, I have seen him do the same when it comes to the Balaur... why then, does it terrify him when I cry?

            This I will never know. The look upon his face when he woke that early morning to see me sobbing uncontrollably beside him was something I will not soon forget.  The look of helpless terror that crossed his face as he snatched me into his embrace was not one I was prepared to see, and I must admit, it caught me off guard and frightened me more than a little.

            He made soothing shushing noises as I wept bitterly upon his chest, memories fluttering in my head like so many desiccated leaves caught in a swirl of autumn breeze. He rocked me and rubbed useless little circles against my back and kept asking me what was wrong...  He grew very still and held me with resolve and understanding after I choked out my dream and what it had meant for me. We lay beneath the warm quilts in our bed as the twilit sky that passes for night in Sanctum brightened outside our bedroom window.  We dozed a bit further, but the peace of our morning was going to be short lived.

            I heard them first, stiffening in Aalairius' arms and cursing myself for leaving my mace in the outer chamber of our dwelling. The bedroom door burst open and I reflexively grabbed the sheet and hauled it to my chest to cover myself even as Aal's arms reflexively drew me closer.  Toxemia burst into our room and took a flying leap, flopping onto his stomach onto our bed across my legs.  I grabbed the nearest thing, a pillow and chucked it as his head. He leaned effortlessly to one side as it sailed harmlessly passed him.

            "Tox! What the bloody blue blazes is wrong with you!?" I shouted.  Aalairius began to laugh, and did not or could not stop... Tox Flopped onto his back, head in my lap and gave me his best rendition of innocent eyes.

            I wasn't buying it. 

            "Sirona, Aal come with me to the Abyss and go Asmo hunting.  Pretty please?"  He batted his eyes at me and I rolled mine in answer, trying to hold the sheet to preserve my virtue and simultaneously shove him off me. Aal continued to shake with laughter, arm around my waist, settling me against his chest as he leaned back into our bed's headboard.

            "Tox this is our home!" my voice was high and exasperated, "I don't come barging into your room at the crack of Aion's ass dawn!" I sent a little mental prayer to Him asking forgiveness for taking His name in vain. Tox wiggled back and forth settling himself into my lap better.

            "Ooo Sirona, you're all soft without your chain on. I should come sleep with you and Aal, make it a Toxemia sammich." he grinned at me impetuously; I gave an exasperated yell and shoved with all my might, dropping him off me, my bed and onto my stone floor. Aalairius continued to howl with laughter, not easing the situation in the slightest. 

            "Tox, get OUT!" I yelled. "Yes we'll come with you, but you'd better never do this to us again." Tox bounded to his feet, lithe and cat-like, effortlessly and saluted mockingly before flashing out the door and into the rest of our house, leaving us to suit up... I was going to murder him. I don't know how you murder the immortal but I was willing, in that moment, to perfect the art on Tox.

            The Abyss waited for us, for now... We would see what it had to offer us today.

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